Kape Is Life

Marri Stevenson

Kape Is Life is a top online coffee-seller of fair-trade, flavored, organic, high-caffeine blends, and we have the world's strongest coffee

Freshly roasted coffee is shipped directly to you! No middleman, no aging in a warehouse or retail shelf for months. That’s freshness guaranteed to you. Roasted to order and delivered at peak freshness on your schedule.

Our goal is to provide you with the world's best origin coffee beans from around the globe, roasted to it's peak potential. 

When you buy coffee online from Kape Is Life you are able to shop from a diverse selection of the best coffee beans. We carry a number of flavored coffee blends that a typical grocery store can’t offer. Taste the difference when you try fresh, craft roasted coffee.

All coffees at Kape Is Life are freshly roasted on demand.  We source the best direct trade coffee beans we can find. Receive the freshest gourmet coffee beans in the world. 

-Kape Is Life-

Marri Stevenson

Founder / CEO






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