Why We Love Coffee So Much?

Why We Love Coffee So Much?

Marri Stevenson

Imagine steam rising from a hot cup of coffee in the morning or the clicking of ice cubes inside your favorite chilled coffee drink — it’s wonderful, isn’t it? Although not everyone is a coffee lover (surprising, I know), the brewed beverage does have a cult following, and for good reason. In addition to it’s caffeine content, coffee boasts a beautiful experience that’s easy to fall in love with. So if you’re wondering why we love coffee so much here’s the answer!

COFFEE INVITES MEDITATION - it might seem far out there. After all, we all know that not all coffee drinkers are yoga gurus. But coffee does invite meditation. Many people enjoy the quiet stillness of morning over a cup of joe, and during this time, we naturally lean towards self-reflection and observation. And it makes sense when you start to think about it. Mediation is all about being present.The robust smell, the feeling of heat on your palms and lips, and the taste of your favorite drink — these sensory elements of coffee pull you into the present and encourage a great practice for your mental and physical health.

BREWING COFFEE IS AN ART FORM - No matter how you brew it, coffee is art. Toss a spoonful of instant coffee into hot water and watch it dissolve in swirling greatness. Or create a latte masterpiece with steamed milk designs. Grind fresh beans. Use a French Press. Go with your standard drip or brew espresso. There are countless ways to create with coffee beans, and when you get down to the science, you see just how magnificent coffee is as an art form.

COFFEE GIVES US OUR DAILY DOSE OF CAFFEINE - In addition to stimulating our brains with creativity and meditation, coffee contains caffeine, a psychoactive substance that elevates our mood, encourages clear and focused thinking, and decreased feelings of fatigue. Some of us love coffee because we’re addicted to it’s feel-good properties.


-Marri K. Stevenson


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