Mother’s Day and Coffee

Mother’s Day and Coffee

Marri Stevenson

Every Mother deserves the gift of good coffee

Hot Coffee With Heart Shaped Steam. The perfect Mother's Day gifts will keep her delightfully caffeinated. We feel that coffee makes life better. That means there’s no better way to honor the important women in your life than with a gift that speaks to their passion for coffee.

Moms teach us all sorts of things… I’m not the first person to share that I remember my mom teaching me some of life’s most basic lessons and skills…

There are so many things that make moms beautiful… Their eyes, hair, smile… Their dorky jokes and less-than-trendy mom jeans… Their gentleness and their strength… But out of all of the things that made mine beautiful, and the lesson I’ll remember the most is the way she taught me to fight for things that matter. 

I consider myself as Mommy’s girl, back when I was in college I was so homesick because I was away every week and was living in a dormitory. I will call my mom before going to my class crying and begging to stay close with them and asked if I could just go home everyday. My mom helped me to go through the home sickness and made me an independent woman. 

I may not be able to bring her coffee in bed every morning or perhaps I have been too busy taking care of my own. I always make sure to talk or check in with her everyday. 

We know during this difficult time, it’s hard to celebrate a special occasion because of being rescheduled or cancelled. That’s why on Mother’s Day no one has a mother as wonderful as yours. Kape Is Life has rich flavors of coffee to make your mom's day brighter. Say cheers to motherhood and parenting. Happy Mom’s Day to all Moms out there.


Marri Stevenson



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